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Marylu Melo was born in Fortaleza, a city located in the north-east of Brazil. Working spontaneously and instinctively on large panels and using acrylic paints, she started her vocation as a painter in 2002, although without having any knowledge of art; as if another Marylu (that one, full of poetic and chromatic harmony) was awaken within herself. In the city of Curitiba, Marylu was discovered by Ennio Marques Ferreira, an important art critic and director of
the "Casa Andrade Muricy" museum. From that moment she started showing her art in several galleries and soon got the recognition of the local society. Remarried with an Italian professional, she now lives in Florence and continues her art activities with the same enthusiasm. spontaneity and instinct as always, and expressing herself in her particular way using medium and large regular panels or wooden panels.
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