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Laura Soprani

Laura Soprani (1967) is an eclectic designer, painter, sculptor and photographer known as a special effects specialist for cinema and TV in national b [...] Leggi tutto»

Joey Schmidt-Muller

Visual Artist. He is Member of Visarte, Basel, Schweiz Künstlergruppe Reflex & White Cube reloaded. Esposzioni | Exhibitions: 2018 [...] Leggi tutto»


RE.MI. (Neaples, 1926 – Rome, 2011) is the only 11HellHeaven artist who is no longer living. It is a well deserved tribute to a true Traveller in un [...] Leggi tutto»

Karel Stoop

Karel Stoop (1951) was born in the south of The Netherlands. He travelled to Asia, Middle East, North Africa, USA, Europe and made exhibitions all ov [...] Leggi tutto»

Piotr Hanzelewicz

Piotr moves on the border between transparency and opacity, both aesthetic and semantic. From 2011 he “lives” his personal exhibitions. His la [...] Leggi tutto»

Christian Ciampoli

Christian is a visual artis born in Atri in 1980. He graduated in decoration at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome in 2005.Christian works with di [...] Leggi tutto»


Medusa is an eclectic and experimental artist. She develops her art strongly arising from herself and ranging from photography to performances and wri [...] Leggi tutto»

Fiamma Zagara

Born in Naples, Fiamma is an art and psychology addicted. She traveled a lot and now she lives and works in Rome. Her atelier is in via Orazio 31. < [...] Leggi tutto»