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Lily of St. Joseph
€ 1.200,00


Limb with leafs and frost
€ 1.200,00


€ 1.200,00
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Enigmatic Vision
Traditional Film Photography

Scritto il 13/07/2017 - The photographic work of Italian artist Antonio Biagiotti is as compelling in its symbolism and meaning as it is stunning in its deceptive simplicity. Biagiotti is a master of light and is able to achieve the perfect balance between illumination and shadow again and again, offering up images so crisp, clear, and infused with detail that the viewer is transported to a whole new world of line and fo [...] Leggi tutto»


Scritto il 06/03/2017 - In Exhibition a number of photographs, made in different sizes and prices. All printed on fiber paper and Subjected to conservative selenium toning. Open FREE!!! Ingresso LIBERO!!! Leggi tutto»


Scritto il 04/04/2016 - Fine Art Photographer. Working using only black and white film which then develop and print personally in my darkroom. Leggi tutto»

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