Formazione artistica

Louis Magro is the artistic name of Pier Luigi Magro, he was born in 1958 in Abano Terme (Padova).
He attended and graduated at the art school Camerini Rossi of Padua, he has a degree at high school Gallileo Ferraris Graphics and digital photography for 2 years he attended a course on plate engraving, drypoint, etching, etc.. And finally attended for three years IUAV in restoration technologies.
His passions, ,in addition to art,, are the comics, photography and trips in our mountains.

Since he was 6 years old, he needed to comunicate his emotions through the picture and the sculpture in his father’s marble laboratory. As the years passed, thanks his awareness of the things, he bedan to make new experiences, he was never completely satisfied with his work. He tried many new styles and he didn’t want to show his works to the outside world, until now. Thanks his interior rebirth he began to exteriorize his own world, so was born the marble cutter movement, it is strictly linked to his past activity and to his future needs.


The main trouble is to find the stone that can give or transmit light or the volume of the object which is hidden inside of the veining.
Each of us, when observing an object, gives it a color, volume, figure and value.
We can say that anything that nature gives us, we must know how to use it so we could give it the value that the time has taken to build the object we see.