Spotlight on Roberto Taglialatela

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This quarter Novara team spotlight is on Roberto Taglialatela and his passion in painting. Roberto joined Novara Team in 1999 initially as a maintenance technician at EPI department, then at the Purchasing Dept. and since 2003 he has been working at Imp/Exp Department with focus on silicon imports, spare parts, consumables and also machineries from all over the world. He is a self-taught modern painter passionate about home design and discovered his love for painting participating in an Art Fair in the Region Canton Ticino in Switzerland. Thus began his approach to painting, so then his available free time, becomes an excellent opportunity to devote himself totally to this great passion. He paints mainly in Novara city, but prefers confidentiality of his mountain chalet, where his inspiration reaches heights even unexpected. “I use for my works acrylic colors on canvas but I do not exclude in the future to use different techniques in order to find new stimulation. Thanks to the use of the spatula and the predominant use of a range of warm colors, including yellows and reds, I want to convey with my abstract paintings, the positivity that I feel and that has helped me in the past, as in the present, to overcome difficult periods of life. My works reflect everything and are also born from the synergy with my muse and loved partner “Madame Antoinette”. Through her eyes I see the disenchantment of the shapes that I report on my canvases” Roberto said. In fact he shares passion for painting together with his partner Antonietta in a project named “TAGLIA LA TELA” that literally means “CUT THE CANVAS” which is also Roberto’s family name. They started painting together but having two different styles. Together they complete their way of interpreting art. Most of the works are personal, but some born from the joined hands of the two artists. Both with a common difficult background of life, they want to share and make "feel" to the observers of their works, the will of soul, the desire to life and the positivity that distinguishes them. Roberto's works are characterized by warm colors such as red, and yellow, while Antonietta prefers softer colors, even pastel. “I have always been attracted by the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky, forerunner and founder of abstract painting. In my living room there is a real milestone which is a reproduction of one of his works, "Farbstudie" dated 1913. I believe that abstract art does not have the task of letting us know “just something” but the real task is making us "feel something special”. My intent is to represent with my colors the inner and essential sensations that I deeply feel when I paint. My inspiration is certainly due to the masterpieces of Jackson Pollock, the greatest representative of Action Painting.” “Most of the time, works start from the sensations and the instinct of the artist, only later, looking at the painting, I can find the right name of what it represents for me. In my opinion this is the beauty of abstract paintings, everyone can see and give an explanation, or simply the painting can exert a direct influence on the soul of the viewer.” Roberto signs his works with his alias name WOLF.79 dedicated to his lovely black cat of 8 years of breed Maine Coon and called Wolf, while ‘79 is his year of birth. Roberto and Antonietta have a permanent exhibition at “El Cantinero Again” a beautiful American bar in Pinerolo, a small town in the province of Turin where you can have relax time by tasting Italian wine and admire their paintings. Furthermore, they are organizing their first personal exhibition in a beautiful castle located in Galliate, a city close to Novara, that will be inaugurated on Sunday June 11th 2023, and last 3 weeks. However if you want to have a taste of the positive sensations and serenity of Roberto’s paintings, you can admire them at Mattia and Riccardo office at HR Dept. where you can find on the walls, from left to right “Dance”, “Vandoni” (named as our colleague Riccardo Vandoni) and “Gear”. Then you can do a short walk and enjoy the beautiful modern touch of “Spinning Top” and warm colors of “On the Sea “ next to our colleague’ s desk, Elena Savastano at the Imp/Exp Dept. Thanks Roberto for sharing your art … also in our work place!!!

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  • Da Taglia-la-tela

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