Nella foresta

Oleo, Tela, 1980

Informazioni tecniche
  • Codice
  • Misure:60 cm x 40 cm
  • Tecnica:Oleo
  • Stile:-1
  • Supporto:Tela
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In the forest: Oil on canvas 40x60, 2011. This painting represent relax inside of elements that suggests tranquillity and movement.
The technique is glazes and pointillism. Is a complementary composition where red and green are satin. The red provides force in a performance that inspires relaxation for its thematic of the nature represented by the green, that provides freshness. The perspective is achieved by, the representation of trees and reeds being the centre vanishing point conducting, background for plotting and cross-diagonal in the scheme of the composition (a line beginning at the upper left corner giving a dynamic movement that goes from the eyes and face along another line which is the representation of well-defined light entering from the upper right corner). The elements are defined by the contrast of colour, smooth curved lines representing the linear movement of femininity. The look of the figure is directed into the cup but his thoughts are elsewhere, far away from Japan.

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  • Codice:GA64444
  • Tipo:Pittura
  • Creata nel:marzo 1980
  • Archiviata il:giovedì 10 maggio 2012