Voynich project opening

International Art Ehxibition Project

GEN 01

Quando? Terminato venerdì 23 gennaio 1970

Dove? Lange Haven 96 B, Schiedam, ()
GPS: 51.9161162, 4.3970136

51.9161162, 4.3970136

cell: +31 [0]6 1218 41 20

10dence art collective currently develops an international exhibition project presenting an alternative vision on the mysterious world of the Voynich manuscript for release on several exhibition locations for 2014-2015. Approximately twenty artists from all over the world participate within the Voynich project and all of them will show a creative vision and expression based on their confrontation with the Voynich manuscript.

Within the Voynich exhibition project, a highly respected international group of artists explore the contents of the mysterious and centuries-old Voynich manuscript, written by an unknown author, illustrated with bizarre, puzzling pictures and composed in a language that even the best cryptographers can't decode. With this project the artists transfer their artistic attempt to reflect and to revive debate and dialogue on the Voynich manuscript in their own specific manner.

  • Pubblicata domenica 02 novembre 2014

  • Da Beppo Zuccheri

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  • Pubblicatadomenica 02 novembre 2014