New Yorkacademy of art

Hi Duda, Thank you for reaching out to the New York Academy of Art. It's always my pleasure to look at someone's work. However, as my school is primarily a Figurative Art school, I'm afraid I am not the best person to ask when it comes to abstract art. While I like the energy of your work, all I can really say is to keep painting as much as you can. However, as your work is "attributable to Nature", I would highly recommend to draw, from life, more and often. Although nature can seem wild and spontaneous, there is an organization to it that one can find when spending more time with it. Artists have almost always trained themselves by looking at nature and drawing from life (whether you're drawing the figure, a still life, or on location). I specifically suggest drawing, because drawing is the basis for all art. However, if you want to improve with the brush, you can always draw using an ink brush with a mix of water to work on different tones (see "Tiepolo ink drawings"). If the abstract and Nature is your primary focus, I can recommend to you the paintings of JMW Turner and the ink drawings of Victor Hugo (yes! the writer!). hope this helps! Nelson

di Nelson Nunez
Contemporary art critic

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