Spiritual reportage on the fire of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

Chronicle of the disfiguration of Notre Dame

The writer visits Paris on 30 April 2019, writes and films a historic and heartbreaking reportage on the disfiguration of the Gothic Cathedral, followed by the poem Homage to Notre Dame, manifesto of the Certamen on Cathedrals, winner of numerous awards, inserted on the Cathedral site itself and soon sung in the Vatican. “I am in Paris, perhaps predestination, perhaps her arcane mystery has been calling me for a long time. I suffer from Stendhal syndrome and for me art and monuments have always come before everything. Notre Dame was not a simple stone book but an alchemical symbol with a mysterious soul not decipherable to everyone. Those who have not understood its internal history, the subject of literary reworkings such as the famous one by Victor Hugo, cannot understand the pain of those who pass in front of its perimeter today and see the central nave, or rather its artistic, pulsating heart, torn away by the fire. of magical vibrations. As soon as I arrived I only saw her in this state, yet Paris welcomed me well... but its bells seemed to cry a sorrowful chant that echoed in the carving of its stones. I don't know if it was an illusion to hear them or reality. Now in front of the Gothic of Paris I have lost my spirit which wanders in the Middle Ages and returns to the present with that combative strength that only the true Normans can conceive in front of the rough stone transformed into pink that today comes out of the earth furious due to its wound! It is not easy for me to remain indifferent to this cathedral; perhaps my Norman descent or the passion for Gothic Art that inhabits me almost like a reincarnation. For this reason I wanted to launch the competition on large Cathedrals. A new form of eternal, literary and artistic re-enactment that I owe to them, books of stone, guardians of the knowledge of the elect, fascinating for their hermetic but profuse spirituality; the rough stone transformed into pink, enigmatic, dressed in arcana which with lapidary language, tells the story of the mystery of Christianity even to the non-elect. Today I listen to his cry, that of the wounded interior...exorcised by the artists with a hundred demons who guided them towards the altar, where ghostly shadows and silence on the cold sacral stone floor enveloped the sacred in mystery. He was the unique soul of Notre Dame! This great emblem of art wounded today by a warning to all humanity, a historical signal not to be ignored. The mural perimeter and the towers are safe but the interior which housed the artistic heart and place of worship of Paris but also a symbol of asceticism towards the Divine has been lost. If you read my article "The Hermeticism of Notre Dame Cathedral", hidden among the symbols, someone will find the answer. Dr. Melinda Miceli journalist

  • Pubblicata martedì 19 settembre 2023

  • Da Melinda Miceli

  • Indirizzo suggerito Corriere Nazionale

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  • Pubblicatamartedì 19 settembre 2023