The secret of Notre Dame by Melinda Miceli

Historical and metafisique romanze

In my latest historical novel The Secret of Notre Dame, through my story I have you become a spectator of those eternal struggles between good and evil... Reading the Secret of Notre Dame De Paris unfolds a journey from today to the Middle Ages , touching on various topics ranging from current affairs to the past, to the contemporary, a whirlwind of emotions assault and entice us to read page after page and we go from a simple reader to a live spectator, as imaginative and visionary writing catapults us into different realities in a continuity of aesthetic and seductive events for art, mystery and charm. For me, this novel was inspired like The Divine Comedy by divine dictation as an allegorical and melodious song that unfolds by telling the secret of the destruction of Notre Dame with biblical and high-sounding language, making us reflect on the good and evil that govern life and value. of the choices of the soul through the temptations and spiritual strength of Saint Michael the Archangel. With my writing I wanted to immerse the reader in the blue of the cosmic night in search of himself. In this novel, the images that connect and transform human consciences into spiritual harmonies are translated into words. In the ink of these pages I have used an initiatory language aimed at universal understanding that stands between gothic resonances and ancestral energies. In this Writing, the reader is led to live many other lives in the only temporal reality that we live. It is in works like these that music and literature are masterfully linked in a symmetrical balance of spiritual consonances and in a vortex of prismatic energy, creating a viaticum to the arcane alchemy of Art. The text in harmonic conjunction with the music, transmits a soul-sensory vibrational that arises from the "gothic solemnity of an Arcane Knowledge”, where the symbols of Time become visible and human in alchemy of the Cathedral itself, reading in the pages of its Architecture, the knowledge of the initiatory book that overwhelms what is temporal and human passion, transforming it into eternity. It is here that the majestic embrace of Notre Dame hides the secret of supernatural events in a dual language. Music, Words, both sounds that come together to elevate those who enter this “Secret” to a purity of Soul “written and composed with the indelible ink of Divine, lived in the arms of “Notre Dame”. Show quoted text [19/9, 18:39] Melinda Miceli: Historical-metaphysical novel of impossible passions that make the arcane clash between light and shadow vibrate, through Sicilian and French atmospheres and settings, steeped in the sacred and mystery. The allegorical struggle between St. Michael and Satan for Notre Dame introduces us to sacred symbolism and gives us a message of the rebirth of Christianity and its ethical values ??through the long-awaited reconstruction of the queen of Christian cathedrals, a temple of biblical, artistic and evangelical wisdom as a caretaker. In a magical lyricism the novel unfolds over two times, present and past and exhumes the figure of Victor Hugo, the kings of France Philip the Handsome, the Pope and the characters who made the history of the cathedral raising a final "Te deum" to His rebirth. Melinda Miceli Journalist

  • Pubblicata martedì 19 settembre 2023

  • Da Melinda Miceli

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  • Pubblicatamartedì 19 settembre 2023