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MAR 10

Quando? Terminato domenica 13 marzo 2016

Dove? , Voronezh, (Voronezh)
GPS: 51.6754966, 39.2088823

51.6754966, 39.2088823

SAVE THE DATE: 10, 11, 12, 13 March 2016 - Voronezh city, Russia.

Dear visitor, I am promoting the Suskov Foundation 2016 Main Event and you are invited to be part of it.

Suskov Art Week 2016, will be an event to bring together all the professionals of the Art production chain. With a traveling profile, each year, the event will take place in a major city where will be invited all internationally professionals to participate to the Meetings, Seminars, Business Art Conferences, Workshops and Expositions, promoting and stimulating art through its trends and innovations. Suskov Foundation desire to create the right ambient to promote network and new business opportunities to our visitors.

Please click the link to know more about the Event and business opportunities:

Facebook link Event:

In the next weeks will be available others technical informations and the link to participants.

Suskov Art Week 2016 - Where the Art World Meets!

Best regards,

James Martins.
Suskov Foundation

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