Found Object

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  • Tecnica:Found Object
  • Stile:performance/ installation
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In 2008 Estes premiered his work 'Rejuvenation Mask' at The RVC exhibition 'Lust & Luxuria' as part of The Whitechapel Gallery, Late Nghts. 'Rejuvenation Mask' is a 'found object' originally marketed under the aegis of 'Health and Beauty'. While the face of the mask exhibits a kind of hieratic calm, on the back are tiny metal nodules that send electric currents into the face of the wearer. Estes has further highlighted the sado-masochistic element of the object by displaying it in a slightly downward cast. However, the mask is also displayed under a glass dome and on a light box and plinth. A commentary on the hidden and concealed nature of master narratives, the main conceit of the work is that release from physical chains only results in the replacement of mental ones. Through this kind of irreverent tweaking of the politics of display, Estes creates slight shifts in perception, thereby suggesting that fantasy and illusion are not contradictions of reality, but instead and integral part of our everyday lives.

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  • Codice:GA69746
  • Tipo:Performance
  • Archiviata il:sabato 10 novembre 2012