Novateknica, 2013

Informazioni tecniche
  • Codice Gigarte.com:GA91341
  • Misure:350 cm x 500 cm x 5 cm
  • Tecnica:Novateknica
  • Stile:Reinterpretazioni
Informazioni sulla vendita
  • Prezzo:€ 22.000,00
  • Disponibile: no
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Photographic images superimposed on drawings
reworked in terms of perspective,
color, shading and lighting,
symmetry with respect to a particular set of
where logic and rationality
coexist with a magic defined.
An artistic language
combining technology and craftsmanship,
archaic science and modernity,
including various techniques,
going beyond the limits
in a visionary fusion
where only sections effective,
or perceived as such, they emerge,
succeeding in conveying and externalize
the true concept of the work.
Effectively creating a dialect simple and straightforward,
which is expressed in a form of figurative art unique.
Understandable despite ample room for different interpretations.
The timing of completion of each work,
(All pieces are "unique" Original)
varies from 30 days to 3 months work.

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  • Codice:GA91341
  • Tipo:Pittura
  • Creata nel:2013
  • Archiviata il:venerdì 31 ottobre 2014