Jaeyong Choi, strong pins, 2015

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  • Codice
  • Artista:Jaeyong Choi
  • Tecnica:strong pins
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  • Prezzo:€ 2.300,00
  • Disponibile: no
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Multiplication lexically means ‘production of new individuals but has also major impact on society, culture, politics and so on. I would like to portray this interpersonal communication as multiplication. Links can be found in all kinds of relationships and communication in general. Those links exist through repetitions and connections. You could compare this phenomenon with the numerous stars in the empty and silent universe. Just like these, an invisible cord connects us repeatedly. This work’s main materials are cable ties. Cable ties are thin plastic cords, which in everyday life connect price tags with the product. Although they connect two things, those things are completely different and the connections between them are connections that express materialism. The product’s value does not change according to its real inherent value, but rather according to the price that is attached to it. The method of ‘connecting’ such different things led me to the idea of ‘relationship and communication’. Successful communication means to understand each other by avoiding misunderstandings. However, we can observe how communication, different from the original intention, degenerates and multiplies. I want to show that if these individual connections come together, they can form groups, which then can constitute a larger organization.

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  • Codice:CDA3264
  • Tipo:Scultura / Installazione
  • Creata nel:2015
  • Archiviata il:mercoledì 05 agosto 2015