Zebra Butt

Maiko Kikuchi, collage/drawing, 2014

Informazioni tecniche
  • Codice Gigarte.com:CDA3265
  • Artista:Maiko Kikuchi
  • Tecnica:collage/drawing
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  • Prezzo:€ 1.200,00
  • Disponibile: no
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Sometimes I fall into a pit somewhere on the boundary between reality and a dream.
When I was a child, I often had the same dream again and again.
I am standing in a park and nobody is there. Then I begin to wonder, “Is this reality?”
Sometimes in daily life I encounter something strange and it reminds me of this dream.
At that moment I am falling into a pit that is always lurking in my daily life.
When you are at the supermarket what if a chicken hatches in a package of eggs?
When you are in the subway, you might realize that instead of the train, it is the platform that is moving.
When you get home, a huge elephant could be waiting for you in your living room.
Who can tell?
Daily life has a lot of opportunities for one to enjoy such imagination,
I call it the pit in oneʼs daily life, where inside it is always strange, funny and uncanny.
I enjoy the experience, then I make one for you to fall into to.

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  • Codice:CDA3265
  • Tipo:Collage
  • Creata nel:2014
  • Archiviata il:mercoledì 05 agosto 2015