Anasor ed Searom was born in 1976, living in São Paulo, Brazil.

Illustration the Chilean Magazine of the Surrealist Moviment Labios Menores.

Exposition of Rembrandt Series in Casa das Rosas, São Paulo - Brazil.

Participation in a collective exhibition THE REVERSE OF THE LOOK - Surrealism Today: An International Exhibition. Casa Municipal da Cultura - Galeria Pinho Diniz (Coimbra - Portugal)..
Exhibition watercolours in the gallery Cité des Arts, France.
Participation in a collective exhibition Sonambula por una Xenografia Onirica, in the museum Eugenio Granell in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Illustration the Argentinean Magazine Lilith nº 9.
Illustration the Chilean Magazine of the Surrealist Moviment Derrame número 7.
Joins to Sonambula(Surrealismo Latino-americano).
Illustration in the Brazilian Journal of Poetry and Arts O Casulo - special about Latin-American Poetry.
Exhibition works in the gallery Impulse Art, Italy.
Participation in the Australian Forum about Surrealist Art with artists from several countries.
Collaboration with the surrealist artist Valenciano VBZ.
Exhibition in the eletronic magazine Magadzine.
Illustration the digital edition about Brazilian poetry in the magazine Decir Del Agua.

Illustration the special edition of the digital magazine of Arts and Literature Zunái.

Solo exhibition As faces de Lilith, in São Paulo, Brazil.