Enigmatic Vision

Traditional Film Photography

LUG 28

Quando? Terminato venerdì 18 agosto 2017

Dove? 530 West 25th Street, N.Y.C.,New York, New York City, (New York)
GPS: 40.7493495, -74.0046948

40.7493495, -74.0046948

The photographic work of Italian artist Antonio Biagiotti is as compelling in its symbolism and meaning as it is stunning in its deceptive simplicity. Biagiotti is a master of light and is able to achieve the perfect balance between illumination and shadow again and again, offering up images so crisp, clear, and infused with detail that the viewer is transported to a whole new world of line and form. Equally impressive is Biagiotti’s use of composition. He creates just the right amount of tension to hold the viewer’s interest while inserting new meaning into ordinary subjects, landscapes, and urbanscapes.

Biagiotti’s work stands out in today’s digital world as his photographs are taken and processed in a traditional manner - the artist works with black and white film which gets developed and printed in his darkroom. As Biagiotti explains, each image isn’t edited on a computer but rather “the light has simply impressed, for a moment, the film exposed by me.”

Antonio Biagiotti currently lives and works in Castel di Casio, in the province of Bologna, Italy.

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