Formazione artistica

My name is Stanislav Belovski. I was born in 1976 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
In 1995 I graduated the High School Of Arts in Sofia, toy design profile.
I have only one independent exhibition at the notorious Shipka 6 Gallery at Sofia in 2002. I also have displayed some of my works at The Dutch Salon, 2003 and at The Alba Gallery ,1998.
I have an experience in book illustration. In 2002 was published Lilia Ressenska’s book of poems, Syblichane (The Strip), with my illustrations there.
In 2001 I sold my paintings for the first time cross over the ocean in the USA, Florida.
Every year in Port Orange there is a festival of fine arts, The Volusia Country Festival. The director of this festival bought one of my paintings, Dream, and it became the signature artwork of the festival for promotions and posters and it was present in two sequent copies of the Daytona Sun Times Magazine – in a review of the festival and on the cover of the magazine together with a supplement poster.
Many of my paintings and art pieces are in private collections in Australia, USA, the Netherlands, Mozambique,Farnce and Bulgaria.