Formazione artistica

I followed some courses in the last 14 years but I am autodidact.


I momenti di vita, ma anche la natura e le favole.
Moments of life, nature, fairies but tha last two years I am hooked in drawing the Venetian Masks and the mystic behind those masks.


Dei pastelli, matita di pastello, carboncino, matita luminance.


Since I was a young girl I loved drawing and I still do.
After college I decided to look for a job and earn some money and in the summertime I started working in the North of Italy. I fell in love with this beautiful country right away, at that point I did not realizing this would be my calling through my life.
After that phase, I followed some courses in drawing and studied classical guitar music for a while.
When I reached the age of 55 I quit working at the office and started drawing full time, I took lessons in pastel drawing and that fascinated me, all its possibilities, I was hooked.
The pastel drawings on this site and in the video`s, I hope to give you an idea in the way I work.

I love the mystery of life and try to express this in all of my drawings. There is no beginning and there is no end.

I hope that you like my art and my style of drawing, please feel free to comment and let me know if you are interested and want some more information.