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Allie j
Allie J, Artista

" Hi Duda, Thanks for reaching out, I enjoyed looking at your paintings! You definately have a talent for using colour and movement with paint, a favourite of mine is Birth of a Dream. Keep creating, you're doing an excellent job :) Warm wishes, Allie Leggi tutto»

" Dear Duda, The first article is published We will also make a post for our online art magazine. Feel free to share the link on your social media pages. Thank you Julia Leggi tutto»

New Yorkacademy of art
Nelson Nunez, Contemporary art critic

" Hi Duda, Thank you for reaching out to the New York Academy of Art. It's always my pleasure to look at someone's work. However, as my school is primarily a Figurative Art school, I'm afraid I am not the best person to ask when it comes to abstract art. While I like the energy of your work, all I can really say is to keep painting as much as you can. However, as your work is "attributabl [...] Leggi tutto»

Recension of un artist living in Brooklyn
Cari Ann Shim Sham, Artist living in Brooklin and curatot

" Hi Duda, Thanks for sharing your paintings with mowna. We think they are fabulous especially for someone who just started painting this past summer. We hope you will submit your work to our current call for submissions. Thank you again, mowna -- Cari Ann Shim Sham* Wild Artist | Co-founder/Curator The Museum [...] Leggi tutto»

I won an honorable prix to helvetart
Helvetart, Ar contemporary jury

" Dear Artist, We are excited to tell you that your work was selected as the "Honorable Mention" in our July "Summertime" online exhibition. Congratulations! Your artwork is beautiful! The results have already been published on our website: They will be also soon shared on our Instagram. A call for art for our next competition will be a [...] Leggi tutto»
Silvi Giovanardi, Fashion designer, painting, and photograph

" Ecco la recensione. If you want me to translate it in English, I will :) DUDA STRAWBERRY Duda Strawberry è un pittore italiano di origine bielorussa che si forma da autodidatta iniziando a dipingere la scorsa estate. Dotato di estro creativo per natura, essendo musicista, ha trovato il modo per esprimersi con colori e pennelli dando origine ad opere vive e dense di natura astratta. I KN [...] Leggi tutto»

Marina Volpi recension
Merlino'Gallery Florence, Marina Volpi, Critic, curator, art storic, and expertise

" Hallo, My name is Marina Volpi, I’m the Art Director of Artexpertise and Merlino's gallery in Florence. I've seen your artworks and I'm impressed by your style. This is why I thought to contact you in order to introduce myself and my galleries. Here you can find several pictures of our galleries: and [...] Leggi tutto»

Recension from Pencil Decimo
Pencil Decimo, Artist

" Hallo Duda, your Arts are amazing and I clearly saw your soul in each of them. Keep up the good work. Explore some other possibilities and let your art impact somethings in the society. Let it be more define. You are amazing , continue and work hard. Thank you Sent from Pencil Decimo Leggi tutto»