Main solo exhibitions:

- 56° Biennale d’Arte di Venezia – Friedship project China - San Marino Pavilion – Ateneo Veneto;
- November 2014: “Eleonora Mazza - Exhibition” – Galleria Sturzo – Mestre (VE);
- January 2014: “Reminiscenze” – Alexander Museum Palace – Pesaro (PU).

Main group exhibitions:

-September-October 2015: "Fine arts works exhibition to commemorate the victory of the 70th anniversary of world anti-fascist war" - Shandong Arts Publishing House - Jinan (China);
-February 2015: Parallax Art Fair – London;
-November-December 2014: “Art Gallery 0-24” – Sala del Castello di Domagnano – San Marino;
-July-August 2014: “Erosions – Eleonora Mazza e Kiyomi Sakaguchi” – Ridotto Teatro Titano – San Marino;
-May 2014: “Passato , presente, trasfigurazioni” – Eleonora Mazza &Maria Pellini – Galleria Elle – Treviso;
-March-August 2014: Collective exhibition – Galerie Böhner - SIGNAL IDUNA Business Tower- Mannheim;
-March-April 2013: PROJECT BERLIN, Heart & Soul - Factory-Art Gallery, Berlin;

Formazione artistica

Eleonora Mazza was born in the Republic of San Marino on 29 October 1975, where she stills reside. On 1993, she got a diploma at the Italian secondary school “Giovanni da Rimini” (Italy) specialized in arts and then she continued the artistic active as an autodidact.


In my job which expresses substantially by painting, I am attracted by what transforms and changes shape whithout stopping. The disgregation and the dissolving of things, bodies, faces and of the human figure, but also what surrounds it fascinates me undescribably. Maybe because in this ‘fluidity’ I can see my being, which is in a continuous transforming and changing state. I never feel the same person in fact, I can say that never in one day I have been the same one person. I love the oil colors and their capacity to represent the fluidity of the life and of the bodies. We are mainly water so I like very much dilute the colors to give the impression of this fluidity. Also this fluidity represents the flow of the time and the trasformation of things, bodies in the space and in the time. Eleonora Mazza


Oil on canvas


General Catalogue of the 56th Biennial of Art in Venice, 2015;

Postage stamp: Cod.624: 40° anniversario Istituto Musicale Sammarinese - Date of issue: 23 October 2015 - Values: a value of € 3.30 in sheets of 20 stamps - Circulation: 40,000 series - Print: offset in four colors and invisible ink - fluorescent yellow by BDT International Security Printing - Perforation: 14x15 - Format stamps: 40,64x29,79 mm - Author of the model: Eleonora Mazza;

Eleonora Mazza. Figure nel buio, poesie e dipinti metropolitani. Edizioni del girasole, Ravenna, 2013;

Premio Nocivelli 2012. Catalog;

March 2011: Portolio Eleonora Mazza, insertion into archive DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts
Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, 20154 Milano;

Premio Artistico Letterario. Seconda Edizione. I miti del nostro tempo. Catalogo, Artemextempore, 2011;

Premio Marina di Ravenna 2011. Rassegna di Pittura 55° Edizione. Edizioni Capit Ravenna, 2011;

Premio d’arte internazionale aperitivo illustrato. Pesaro 2010. Edizione 02. Catalogo, Greta edizioni, Senigallia, 2010;

Premio Aperitivo Illustrato 2011. Edizione 03, Segno. Greta Edizioni, Modena, 2011;Premio Internazionale Rifiuti in cerca d’autore 2° edizione – Salerno in arte, Salerno, 2009.

Attestati / Premi

- 13 marzo 2010 "Attestato di merito per l'ottima interpretazione del messaggio" Finalista del "2°Premio Internazionale di Pittura e Design, Rifiuti in cerca d'autore, Salerno.