I was born in Sweden in 1950. From my early childhood I started to be interested in art - much due to that I had an uncle who was a painter. At the age of eighteen I entered my first course in drawing and painting at a private school. I also studied History of Art at the University of Stockholm. From this period I also got interested in ancient Greek art and soon I moved to Greece and joined a private Institute for art studies and two years later I entered The School of Fine Arts of Athens. In Greece I could study all the ancient treasures I had admired so much from my homecountry. I graduated in 1979 and moved back to Sweden where I since then have been dealing with art in one or another way.
I have been working with costumes for film and TV, with scenography, as an assistant to the film director and and also with production of documentary films in Sweden and Greece.
I have also been painting but haven’t been very active in exhibiting my art. My pleasure is in creation and not in administrating a carreer.
I have also been involved in art education for children.
I write poetry and other texts on different themes – not neccessary on art.
I also run an Internetsite lobbying for the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles.

My latest paintings were created as a prophecy of what is now happening in Iraq. These paintings were executed before the Iraqi war. I call this triptyche ”Back to Troy” which of course allude to the aggressive act of a western power occupying the innocent people of Iraq which mainly has led people into an abyss . Just as the ancient Greeks once did when attacking the Troian people. I beleive there is a parallell. I do not beleive in imposing democracy to another country through war. But maybe through art. I beleive that art somehow has a political dimension in its aim at changing the world to something better. And through art we will become more sensitive to what are the main values in life. Peace is one of those values according to me. Another important value is the nature. We ought to appreciate and protect nature more. We can through art understand that we must be more careful about the resourses of nature so that we do not exploit them as if they were endless. Art can help us understand – art makes us more sensitive to what is important in life. Therefor art is so important to me and to everybody. This is my manifesto.

Formazione artistica

History of Art
School of Fine Arts, Athens 1973-79




Oil on canvas, collage
Oil on board, mixed media
Gouache on board

Attestati / Premi

Fredrika Bremer scholarship
Axelson Johnson scholarship