Canadian Visual Artist of Romanian origin; full time artist since 2002; teaches "artistical expression" in a private (catholic) institution.

Formazione artistica

Art High School in his native Sibiu, Romania;

Visual arts Certificate from the Sherbrooke University, Quebec, Canada;

courses of engraving, painting I & II, drawing I & II at the Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Quebec, Ca.


Nudes, landscapes, portraits, compositions (sume surrealistical), still lives.


Watercolor and acrylics; acylic ink; mixt techniques;

Valutazione artistica

Paul Klee, said, in "Theory of modern art" :
"... this diving into the Depths - you can call it dream, ideea, imagination - will not be taken seriously before you associate it with the plastical means to become Work. Only then the Weird Things become Realities. Realities of art which expand the limits of life as it is usually. Because they do not reproduce the visible, with more or less temperament but PRODUCE A SECRET VISION." And if it so happens (SOMETIMES) that I reproduce the visible (with MORE temperament, I do hope...) my tendency, my profound wish is to PRODUCE MY SECRET VISION. It doesn't happen too often, but it happens..


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Attestati / Premi

Sherbrooke Grant for Visual Arts (2007)