Was born 1966 in Paros Island in Greece.
Paros Island is located in middle of Aegean Sea. He is a child of Aegean Sea, lives in Aegean Sea and loves Aegean Sea.
His father was teacher in elementary school and amateur painter. Her mother was a music teacher. They initiated him in art very early.

After high school, he attended the School of Fine Arts and after continues studies in Boston Arts Academy. In the same time attended the music school.

He travel through world of art begins at his early age. Sketch book filled with ideas and intricate drawings was his best friend throughout his childhood. His talent was recognized, and rewarded ever since elementary school. His art works became important component of his school’s exhibitions and competitions. At age 16 his first painting is sold.

He infinite thirst for experimenting in expressing his artistic personality helped him create variety of works in different mediums and styles (drawings, paintings, graphics, compositions…).
He received strong academic training in perspective drawing, compositions and history of the art and architecture from his professors, which were well known artists and masters in their professions.

Paintings from period of 1988-1998 combine ideas taken from his national heritage, European history, romantic landscapes and architecture. In that period JB original paintings were inevitable part of galleries from Athens, Roma, Paris, Munich and other cities.
Paintings from 1998 until today are full of Aegean Sea images. So, the art people named him “Aegean painter”. He moved to the United States to begin a new life as both an artist and architect. He took many awards form exhibitions. That inspired him further, and every free moment that he had, he used it to paint. Soon enough 24 hours in a day became insufficient for his inspiration and ideas. New ideas, horizons, and new temptations brought him a whole new level of inspiration, and formed unique style of his artistic expression.
Quest for “Aegean Beauty” and studying human emotions, takes him into a contemporary portrayal of a woman and feelings.

Formazione artistica

Athens, Greece School of Fine Arts
Boston, Usa Arts Academy


Paintings from period of 1988-1998 combine ideas taken from his national heritage, European history, romantic Aegean landscapes and architecture.
From 1998 He has formed an unique style of his artistic expression and he studying human emotions and Aegean Sea and woman beauty.


Knife painting is his favorite medium. It allows him to create depth and texture within the many transparent layers and his strokes are visible channels of energy.

Valutazione artistica



"Out of Imagination". Paris 1993
"Waiting for". Boston 1995
"The five ruls of present". Boston 1997

Attestati / Premi

Many Awards woldwide.
The Boston Arts Academy Award in 1991
École des Beaux-Arts of Paris Award in 1993