Formazione artistica

B.F.A Ohio Dominican College


Historical Black Art/African American Fine Artist


Fine Art, Folk Art, and Outsider Art on Wood with impressionist style


Janie McGee Studio Located in Denver Colorado. "I creates historical black art and fine art
that I auction ,exhibit,and sale for world causes: Poverty, world hunger, justice,the black
community issues, Africa, AIDS ect. After 28 years as an artist I find joy creating art that changes
the world. I had a work of art sale many years ago the purchased the freedom of a small
child in Sudan. I was hooked. I want my art to set someone free from poverty, disease, pain,
and the struggles of this life."As an professional artist with 28 years experience this website is a
portfolio of years of work.I hope you will find my art the birth of something old and new. I
coined the phrase SPOKE ART to reflect my love for history and the stories behind the art I
create. The voice of my soul and spirit is carried in every stoke of my brush.I create new
pieces from my studio ever months.
I have combined several styles of Art I love : Folk art, Outsider art, Impressionists, and Black
history. With this combination my art is unfolding into storytelling with a fine art flair. The
mission of my Art is to create art that speak to the soul, spirit, and heart. Enjoy the paintings,
furniture, drawings, prints, crafts, and design on my site!

Attestati / Premi

28 years profesional experience