Formazione artistica

High school of Arts in Nis, Serbia.
University of Arts in Skopje, Rep.of Macedonia


Everything regarding everyday life of humans and animals,ecology and love.


All kind of art techniques.

Valutazione artistica

" I am not this body. I am somebody else.
We all are spiritual souls" !


Miroslav Olickov,nicknamed "Mirolli", born in NIs, Serbia on September 2nd,1951.I started to paint when I was 13 years old without any knowledge about real painting.In order to be educated in Art,I went to Art schools and learned true work.Now here I am as a real painter with a longtime experience in all kind of art techniques.

Attestati / Premi

Many mutual exhibitions in ex Yougoslavia but my biggest award are my fans and many sold works all over the world(USA,Canada,Australia,Germany,Greece and many other European countries).