October 2007 - ‘DECONSTRUCTING REALITY’, A Collective Exhibition on AGORA GALLERY, CHELSEA, 530W. 25th St., 2nd fl,NYC , USA
December 2006-‘Automn Hall’-9 edition, World Trade Center,Iasi;
december 2005-‘Automn Hall’-9 edition, World Trade Center, Iasi;
juin 2005-‘Paralel Worlds’, Student House, Iasi;
december 2004-Automn Hall’-8 edition, World Trade Center,Iasi;
february 2004-premiere of ‘Bald Soprano’ by Eugen Ionesco to Studio Hall of National Theatre ‘Vasile Alecsandri’, Iasi -realization of scenography (costumes and decor);
...and many other exhibitions in Romania in eight years of artistic activities.

Formazione artistica

1998- 2003 University of Fine Arts ‘George Enescu’, Iasi
2003-2005 Master Degree in Applied Arts
Since december 2003 member of The Visual Artists Union in Romania
1991-1994 University ‘Stefan cel Mare’, Suceava, Department of Tourism and Services


I am familiar with and have used many painting techniques, such as: tempera, acrylic, oil, on wood, canvass, cardboard, and frescoes. However, I feel that the style that would best allow my freedom of expression is a combination of these techniques. None of the methods alone could communicate the wealth of sensations, the colors and the personalities of the world we live in and that I want to capture and transmit. My style then, is to use a combination of graphics, stained glass, and collage to try to communicate the complexity of the world that pushes me to create. Mixing with the detailed work of an alchemist a bit of orange with violet, a bit of wood, with glass, one can get a representation of a beautiful world full of hope, color, and humor, a world in which the man is always idealized. What I capture in a painting are moments and metaphors of life, conveyed with humor. Humor is extremely important to my creative process, as I believe that there is a dose of it even in the most tragic moments of life, which I believe should be lived with humor to the end. That is why I find in my works, dawn and dusk, beginning and end, work and being, night and day, sky and earth, bird and fish, happiness, sadness and suffering. If God created the world such that every being, and feeling has a place, then we artists should not exclude anything from this perfect - yet imperfect - universe. As for me, I choose to do that with humor and hope.