Born in St. George, Romania in 1977, Ramon Grosos has become well-known for his use of vibrant colors that elicit light, life, energy. Romanian born Painter Ramon Grosos, shows an unmistakable art style. He uses unusual abstract expressionism techniques with a modern edge while he redefines the genre of expressionism.
Experienced collectors prefer buying works of art that reflect superior creative abilities as well as mastery of medium. They patronize artists like Ramon Grosos who continually evolve in their careers.


Urban Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism,


Oil, Acrylic, Mixed media

Attestati / Premi

"Contemporary and Religious Plastic Arts of London" 2005;
"Salon International d'Arte Plastique Contemporaine, Paris" 2005;
"Michelangelo Buonarroti 2008";
"Premio ALBA 2008";
"Premio Speciale Diritti Umani 2009";
"Vincent van Gogh" 2011;