Here's your vision--it just have taken a shape and is already influencing somebody's view of life, making them consider your point of view, forcing them to contemplate your interpretation of reality. You just have them hooked on your world--awesome! I relish every second of that and I can only hope that I can share that high with you. Life is short--live for the pleasure, search for the meaning, create -- welcome to my world!

Formazione artistica

elementary school, art school, life school....


I create surrealistic and realistic images. Enjoy venturing into abstract category -- mostly for the love of an unrestricted form and relative ease of expression.


...all kind of water based techniques, drawing end digital art

Valutazione artistica

Creating art is like a highly addictive drug: You try it once and you are hooked for life. Showing a new piece can create quite a realistic high as well. If you'd ask why I paint, I'd have to tell you that it's a compulsion!


I was born in 1963, in a small town. Dreaming was big back then; for me putting my dreams on the paper or canvas was the way to make them come true. Drawing and painting was a make-believe escape and an excellent way to deal with grim reality. It was also means of expression that could not be completely controlled by the turmoil outside. Forty-four years later, I still create art.

Attestati / Premi

My paintings are a part of private collections in Europe and United States....that's my awards!!