Formazione artistica

Studied at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and received Honors Certificate in Fine Art and Pictorial Illustration. Ranked No.1 in graduating class. Private art courses with Famous Artists Schools and received Diploma with Honors.


Spheres, clear and colored glass marbles, emerge in my creative works and are objects of my predilection. They have transparency, the capacity to hold light or reflect it and the ability to enclose objects. Checkered tiles bestow perspective and space which brings recollections of my short rearing in Cuba. Stained glass (vitrales) is individually designed and the study of the light and reflections that emerge from it engage me in each painting.
 My favorite medium is oils which allow reworking and glazing. A painting starts out with a thought or concept which I instantly sketch out. As I commence developing further sketches I study visual and written reference material for symbols, architectural structures and integrated objects. Composition is significant and sometimes I find myself applying mathematical measures in order to achieve balance and direction.  Prior to transferring the final sketch to canvas I usually arrange the colors and the areas of lights and darks. It is then that I concentrate on the method of applying paint and the spontaneity of each brushstroke.
 My vocation as an illustrator taught me the art of visual storytelling which I currently apply to communicate my personal life experiences in the course of my works of fine art. It is my objective to try to make each painting intriguing in order to engage the observer to dwell in my creation. Each artwork brings on a new triumph and the everlasting desire to generate more. It is my desire to see everything around me always as if for the first time and therefore capture it’s beauty as it passes through my brain, my body, my hand and finally into the canvas.


Oil Painting and mixed media such as plastisol/oils and Acrylics/oils


Roger is an avid oil painter who has worked in different mediums such as pencil, watercolors, acrylics, clay sculpture and silk screen printing. Drawing and design is the basis of art. Line in varieties of thick & thins is what motivates his works and usually comes through in his finished paintings either boldly or subtle. Gets involved deeply in each painting by researching the information on each topic and getting the necessary reference. Develops Composition and color themes through sketches before going to the canvas. He has had numerous exhibitions throughout New Jersey and South Florida over the past 35 years. His works has encompassed both the fine art and commercial arts with published works in magazines, paperback illustration and advertising design. His style has evolved into surrealism due to his realistic paintings in the world of comics and paperback illustration.