Formazione artistica

About: Tom

As a young boy I started with photography, portraiting people.
Now, many years later, I specialized in portrait, glamour and artnude photography.
The combined action (chemistry) of the individual character of the model
and photographer, is a must for me, furthermore the sociability and a good atmosphere on the set.
Friends say, I eat, sleep and drink photography and I think they are right.
This can only be if your work is your passion.
What appeals to me most is playing with light, shadow and the abstract way (especially in black and white) to get the right ambience, so it stays amazing.

Attestati / Premi


My work is displayed regularly on photograph exhibitions from which I get very good appreciations,
by means of golden and silver stickers of colleague photographers.
What means even more to me, is the appreciation of the model of the work we made.
This gives me the satisfaction in my specialty!