Valutazione artistica

Better to die a piece of broken jade, than to live a life of clay.


Troy Francois Carney was raised by the ocean in the pictorial community of New Zealand’s Bay Of Plenty. His artwork is inspired by several strong influences. Beginning with his mother, a classically trained, fine artist, and continuing with extensive travel throughout Asia and the South Pacific as a teenager. He developed an influence for the exotic in landscape and Indigenous peoples. During these travels, he was first exposed to the textile industry in the artistic culture of Bali, famous for their batik painting techniques.

Troy attended high school on Kauai, Hawaii, where he deepened his appreciation for the interconnections of all Polynesian cultures. Afterwards, he moved back to New Zealand, where he finished his schooling at Mount Maunganui College. While in attendance, he received the Ranui Memorial Award for excellence in art, a prestigious Maori organization acknowledgment. The Maori culture’s, customs and themes ignited Troy's creativity and motivated his work ever since.

Just in time to withstand Hurricane Iniki, Troy returned to Kauai in 1992. There he transferred the airbrushing talents he had refined in Australia’s Gold Coast to Hawaii’s water sport trade. His custom airbrushing, which was first self taught at his father’s surfboard manufacturing company, has been extensively published in industry magazines as well as featured in several movies. As a result, his name is associated throughout the Hawaiian islands with unique windsurf and surf board art. His early exposure to the textile industry next lead Troy to become the art director and textile designer for Fusion Hawaii and Inda, which are island-based contemporary clothing companies.

Although Troy enjoyed utilizing his skills in the industrial arts, his expertise in finish carpentry led to his appreciation of the fine arts and interior installation. His passion now lies in depicting the many faces of Polynesia and its luscious landscapes and ocean vistas. In 2004, he made the switch from watercolors and acrylics to oil paints. He currently experiments with mix mediums such as oils on gold leaf and utilizes layering to achieve original, textured effects. He also travels to Vietnam, once a year, to spend time photographing and painting indigenous hill tribes. He raises money for these minority peoples through the sale of his prints.

Troy Carney continues to reside on Kauai , deep in Kahuna Valley. He hopes that his cutting-edge work brings resonance to the interior of your home.
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