Maybe, there are a lot of people who also had the same created idea as me. This is “open” in art. Open for viewers can participate into art works. Open to integrate art works into space and live really in that environment , not only hang up and see. Opening so that the viewer can discover their true feeling. For sure that, feeling through their life by themselves is the highest and most real feeling. We had been following artist’s emotion, not the viewer’s true feeling, for a long time. Simply, this is a beauties that artist had found out and viewer is affected by following what they saw. Viewer was only moved by the beauties in front their eyes. The open art is too, It’s also the beauties in front of viewer but not stop here completely. Viewer was not told that this is only and final beauties. In addition, the viewer feels whatever they get into their mind are more effective than whatever they saw. Open art stimulate the viewer’s imagination to look back right on their life and memories. And they moved with their imagination more than everything they saw. It means that images they saw are right in their life, but not some of distorting images on the painting. Thus, viewer has indirectly participated in the painting and lived with it.
Perhaps, the viewers are loving and thinking about their children when they see the vase of flowers on the open-art ‘s painting, but not thinking of real flowers. It’s up to viewer’s imagination. It’s just an open art. Open art shows a real space so that the viewer lives and moves inside. Whether you look at it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you think about the subjects that bring out to you or not, you are still caught if you stand near it. You were a part of paintings.
So, I shall be happy and honor in welcoming all the artist over the world having the same created idea as me. It does not require that you are a painting artist or another kind of art, because all kind of art can do it. Reader can participate in literary work today too…..
Please send me email at:
all of your art works or address of the link to your website. I would be glad to show them on this website. It does not require who you are
Best Regard
Tuan Singuyen

Formazione artistica



Open Art


Mixed media

Valutazione artistica

“With light,environment, and the different position of the viewer, my painting will interface with their mind to simulate their imagination and create the paintings right in their thinking..The viewers have imaged the painting thanks to their own experience and thus moved with the imagination. I only offer data so that light, environment and the viewer work together.It is the viewers who create the painting thanks to the atmosphere that I offer. So, lighting and evironment are a part of my painting”


Born in 1962 , Quy Nhon City, Vietnam
1986: Graduated from Hue Fine Art University .
1992: Member of Fine Art Association of HCM City
Living and painting in HCMC from 1986 till now.
October 1991:Participated in the Vietnamese Fine Art Exhibition in Paris.
April 1994 : Solo exhibition in SaiGon Tourist’s Gallery, HCMC
June 1994 : Participated in Asia Modern Art Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
1994-1999 : Stop working
March 2000 : Start to work on graphic design and paint by applying computer technic
2004 : Start working with mixing material
Sep-2005 : Solo exhibition in TUDO Gallery, HCMC
2005 : The Young Artist Prize of HCMC Fine Art Association
May 2006: Participated in Young Artist Exhibition of HCMC
March 2007: Participated in Vietnamese Visual Art Festival , in Ha noi Vietnam