Formazione artistica

- Brabants Conservatorium Organ and Piano
- Language Highschool of Rotterdam Dutch
- Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam Arts


- landscapes
- nature
- figurative
- abstract


- ceramics
- acryl- and oilpaintings


Wim van de Wege was born in 1966. He uses wide range of techniques and materials. He will commit everything that takes his interest to paper, cardboard or canvas. He prefers to work thematically: series of stilllives, flowers, landscapes and architecture.
He successively studied organ and piano at the Brabants Conservatorium, Dutch at the Highschool Rotterdam and visual arts and art at the Willem de Koning Acedemie.
Last year he took Zeeland as his subject-theme. Various landscapes are shown in a grand way and on every work of art the characteristic scenery of Zeeland can be found. Space in the landscape creates freedom. Above the skies: together they mix in a magnificant magic-realisme image.
Tension between freedom and threat can be read in the almost impressionistic style of Wim van de Wege.Combination with the used techniques offer the spectator a fascinating and mysterious atmosphere of the landscapes.
It will defenitely influence the impression on thelandscape of Zeeland. Wim lately experiments with several materials.