The mysterious character known as Zombienose first appeared on the scene with nothing more than a bucket of black acrylic paint, a couple of tubes of primary colors and a thrift store teddy bear that urged him on. His paintings and sculptures have quickly gathered an internet fan base with admirers from all over the world.

For those who know him best he is a gentle and kind character, secretly optimistic. It is said that his work offers endless comfort to those that are never quite sane in the night. Hailing from the depths of nowhere he derives inspiration from the unloved, the hopeless, the dreamless, disenchanted, dispossessed, and neglected.

A master of macabre rhymes and morose artwork, with a splatter of whimsy, Zombienose welcomes all who wander into his murky world.


Formazione artistica



Dark Art, Fantasy, Surrealism


acrylic paint, oil paint, sculpey, resin, ink, pencil


Oct13th - Oct 31st, 2007 - October Shadows
Presented by Creature Features

Oct 20th - Oct 31st, 2007- The Talking Board Show
Copro Nason Gallery

Oct 13th - Dec 6th, 2007 - FFWD / RWD - Arts organization: LA Artist Collective
Hangar 1018

Nov 3rd - Nov 24th, 2007- THE HIVE GALLERY
Group Show and Performances
The Hive Gallery & Studios

Dec 1st - Dec 29th, 2007- "Price Less"
The Hive Gallery & Studios

Dec 15th, 2007, - Jan 6th - "Rock It!!"
The Grind Art and Print Gallery

Jan 5th - Jan 26th, 2008 - THE HIVE GALLERY "Brings in the NEW YEAR!!!"
The Hive Gallery & Studios

Feb 2nd - Feb 23rd, 2008 - THE HIVE GALLERY and GLOBAL INHERITANCE present: "THINK BIG"
The Hive Gallery & Studios

March 1st- March 29th, 2008 - The Hive Gallery and Studios
Group show and Performances

April 5th - 27th, 2008 - April 3year Anniversary " Hive Avatar show- The Denizens of Hiveland"
The Hive Gallery & Studios

Attestati / Premi