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" On Knowing and Making The key element lies in the union of two different natures meeting, and often fighting, within me. On the one hand, the necessity, at times to become obsessive, to observe, know, understand… On the other, an impatient istinct to create, build and represent all that I realize, or think I know. I have a great passion for philosophy, ancient history, mythol [...] Leggi tutto»

ELISABETTA BOREAN / Translation: Benedicta Froelich

" Silverpoint, sanguine, white lead, pen, ink, pastel, sketch, preparatory drawing, draft, preparatory cardboard, model: these are just a few of the terms that are used when speaking about ‘ancient’ drawing. Practised ever since prehistoric times on cavern walls, employed by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and by children, too (at least by the more fortunate ones) on a daily basis, the ac [...] Leggi tutto»

" BEPPO ZUCCHERI Documenting constant thoughts by images There are moments in which we ask ourselves what there's inside a painting that deeply moves us, works on us, acting on our feelings by recalling almost private thoughts, images stirred in a far corner of our minds, lived moments sometimes buried by our daily routine. It is more and more unusual, but still somehow possible. [...] Leggi tutto»

Extract from
Angelo Bertani, Art Curator

" Beppo Zuccheri has taken on a courageous exploration of myth and collective and private history, by means of an opaque, thick, painting, made of different materials. It is this introduction of heterogeneous materials that makes the work three dimensional, protruding and empathically engaging. We are very likely seeing an opposite but complementary work to that of Alessandro Zorzi: if in his work t [...] Leggi tutto»

Matilde Cerruti Quara, Art Curator

" L’assedio di Beppo Zuccheri (n. 1973) è quello delle bugie ricevute, fatto di malcelate verità, apparenti certezze e rifiuti alla luce che hanno assediato lui quanto, forse, i suoi personali assedianti. È suo il piano sotterraneo, dall’illuminazione fioca: metafora forse di quel buio che divora la luce intesa non solo come purezza, vera verità, ma anche come conoscenza. Il sapere è infatt [...] Leggi tutto»

" Il 26 aprile alle ore 18.30 presso la galleria dello Studio Berengo a Venezia inaugura la prima mostra personale a Venezia di Beppo Zuccheri (San Vito al Tagliamento, 1973) a cura di Chiara Casarin. Nel white cube, tra le Gallerie dell’Accademia e la Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, l’artista friulano porta una selezione dei suoi più recenti lavori di pittura e grafica (e [...] Leggi tutto»

" Browsing through my Facebook account, I suddenly came across some images that instantly captured my gaze. Looking at it, they were depictions of some strange distorted figures with extremely vague features, yet, from within the image, a semblance of an uncanny face looks out at you with provocative gestures and forms that seem to beckon you towards the image. But what images and whose images am I [...] Leggi tutto»

Beppo Zuccheri
Valentina Gasparet Valentina Gasparet, has a degree in Arts History and Critics at Ca' Foscari University in Venice. She has been dealing with communi, Scrittrice

" Chaotic, unsettled, “babel”....Beppo Zuccheri sometimes uses such adjectives in order to define himself and his work and gets to regard chaos as the main source of his work's inspiration. Yet, if any interpretation can be restrictive and misleading, here it makes clear the reasons and meanings by actually showing various aspects of the artist's personality. Beppo Zuccheri's art can be c [...] Leggi tutto»